About Us

Who I am

Joel de Léséleuc and Kai the boxer

I was lucky enough to have dogs in my family most of my life. I have always considered them my best friends. With age, I developed an interest in communicating with my animals to gain their cooperation instead of always forcing them to do what I wanted.

After using traditional training methods on my dogs for several years, I wanted to change to more positive reinforcement based training. So I took a course on animal training and behavioral interventions with Jacinthe Bouchard, an internationally renowned animal trainer.

She taught me a lot about dogs and how to treat them with respect. She also encouraged me to pursue my dream of becoming a professional dog trainer.

I continually update myself on the latest scientific methods to train dogs and educate humans. My goal is to continually improve myself in order to offer the best service possible to my clients and their canine companions.


  • Training and animal behavior – Jacinthe Bouchard
  • Animal behavior in a zoological environment – Jacinthe Bouchard
  • Pet First Care – St John’s Ambulance